New Year’s Resolutions

Para in 2019

We want to thank each and every one of you that have been part of us through 2018! We are just a small team with a big heart and passion to help others become self-reliant.

We are excited for what is coming to the Para app in 2019! The features in the app today are just the start! So stick with us, spread the word about the app, and let’s see what this new year will bring!

New Year’s Resolutions

Featured by Para: Image showing New Year's preparedness resolutions

Every new year many of us fall into the same routine. With renewed excitement we all set those New Year’s resolutions, but well within a month we toss them aside. This is a terrible way to set set the pace for the rest of the year. So, I wanted to share how I create and set my resolutions that I know I can keep. I’ll tailor this to preparedness, though you can use this in your everyday life to grow and thrive better this new year.

A S.M.A.R.T. Resolution

The best way I know to make a resolution that I have actually accomplished is from one of those “self-help” books that teach a principle of a S.M.A.R.T. goal. It is one that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

A specific and measurable goal is a one that you know exactly how you are going to accomplish it. “This year I want to prepare” is not a specific goal. A much more specific goal would be,”By March I will have my 72-hour preparedness completed by 1) creating 3 meetup locations, 2) having kits for each family member, 3)…”. The more specific, exact, and broken down your goal, the better you will know where your finish line is.

An attainable goal is one where, well, you can actually accomplish it. You can’t prepare for an Apocalypse in one weekend. Nor can you fully complete even your 72-hour preparedness in one night. We all have taken on much more than we can handle before. It’s better then to accomplish smaller easier goals than to take on one massive goal you’ll likely feel too daunting to complete.

A relevant goal is one that helps you get to your ultimate goal. You may want to prepare your family for earthquakes, tornadoes, or loss of job. Find smaller goals that will directly help you with those. For the love of the Prepping Gods, don’t start purchasing surplus gas masks and digging a hole for a bunker. A relevant goal might be to learn about community disaster plans, building upon your food storage, and learning CPR.

A timely goal is one where you have a deadline to complete it.If a goal has no “due date”, you can postpone it as long as I want. If you’ve created a specific and measurable goal, it is far easier to know how long it will take you to finish it. A deadline will also motivate you as you work through the goal.

One more thing….
Be POSITIVE as you create your goals and resolutions. You are setting these to better yourself and your family.

Make the Para app Part of Your Resolution

The easiest way to get going on your preparedness goals is to first know what you have on-hand. Para’s Inventory allows you to quickly bar-code scan your items, organize them by location and container, and set expiration dates.

Get one resolution checked off. Add your items in your Para app’s inventory.