Food Storage Made Easy Collaboration Adds 26 New Lists

We are excited to welcome Jodi Weiss of Food Storage Made Easy (FSME) as a collaborator in the Para community. Jodi is a true guru when it comes to food storage, and has built her business over the last 10 years sharing everything she knows through her highly successful website and book. Jodi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Para community and we’re proud to say that she has made Para her emergency preparedness app of choice!

26 New Food Storage Preparedness Lists

As part of the collaboration effort, Jodi is exhaustively pouring over all of her 26 Checklists to update and enhance the lists with all her latest knowledge on the subject and ensure that we offer you, the Para Community, some of the best food storage preparedness lists you could find on the web! Each of Jodi’s list is packed and carefully curated with items, activities, content, and video to make your food storage preparation as flawless and as easy as possible.

We’ve launched the first 5 of FSME’s 26 checklists today, and we’ll be releasing a new one every two weeks. Each list is only a mere $0.99; and what’s even better, the first checklist is TOTALLY FREE!

Featured by Para: Preparedness plans and lists, including lists from Food Storage Made Easy. This includes Checklist #1 - Emergency Preparedness and Checklist #2 - Prepare Your SpaceOverview of First 5 Lists

Once you open Para and head to the Community tab, you’ll see Jodi’s lists in there, just look for lists from “Food Storage Made Easy” that have Jodi’s image:

Checklist #1 – Emergency Preparedness Plan

This checklist will guide you on creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan for your family. The three areas covered are:

  • Family Plan
  • Disaster Kit (includes 72 hour kits and emergency binder)
  • Evacuation List (includes grab list and car kit and computer backup)

Checklist #2 – Prepare Your Space

This checklist will focus on preparing your space in your home to make room for all of the great food storage items you will be buying. It feels so much more doable to get started if you know you have a good location picked out and the shelf space readily available.

Checklist #3 – Water Storage

This checklist will guide you on working on your water storage, which is one of the most important aspects of food storage. You can live for weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

Checklist #4 – Three Month Supply

This checklist will go into some intense detail on how to plan and purchase a Three Month Food Supply of foods you regularly eat. This is a great place to start your food storage because you already know how to cook with it, and the foods are easy to find at your regular grocery stores.

Checklist #5 – Long-Term Food Storage Planning

Once you have a solid 3 Month Supply of regular foods in hand, it’s a good time to start exploring the world of long-term food storage. Because this is a new type of food for most people and can feel overwhelming, I dedicate a whole checklist to planning and preparing.

In Summary

So, whether you’ve already started the food storage journey or have been putting it off, there’s so much to gain from these lists. Open Para and visit the Community to download these lists today.