13 Ways to Winterize Your Car

Car safety is super important, especially during the winter months. This is why it’s important to winterize your car.  Since driving during the winter is nearly unavoidable, here’s how to winterize your car so that your commute can go as easy as possible.

How to Winterize Your Car in 13 Easy Ways

There are lots of important things to remember when you winterize your car.  But this first one is the most important.

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Check Your Brakes

When icy road conditions arrive, you will definitely want your brakes to be working at full capacity.  Which is why it’s important to check your brake fluid and make sure that your brake pads aren’t worn down so that your brakes are ready to work in freezing conditions.

Update Your Wiper Blades

Once it begins to snow, you will definitely want to have wiper blades that can withstand all of the winter storms.  Over time, wiper blades can crack or split, giving you blades that don’t perform well when you need them to.  So a great way to winterize your car is by updating your wiper blades.  Making it a good habit to start changing out your blades every Fall and replacing them with durable, winter ready wiper blades that can withstand any winter producing weather condition.

Switch Out Your Wiper Fluid

If you live in a harsher winter climate, preparing your car’s wiper fluid is a great way to winterize your car.  Taking the time to replace your current wiper fluid with some that has antifreeze properties and making sure your fluid reservoir is always full will make it easier for you to get any winter grime buildup off of your windshield.

Check You Tire Air Pressure

One of the leading causes for accidents in the winter is icy road conditions.  Checking your tire air pressure is a great way to help you better avoid any complications that come when the roads get slippery.  Simply take a look at what the recommended tire pressure is for your car in your owner’s manual, use a tire gauge to check the air pressure level in each tire, and then either stop by your local gas station or use a home air compressor to fill any tires back up to their recommended pressure level.

Stock up on Winter Tools and Supplies

As the weather conditions change, so should the tools in your car.  Booster cables, gloves, blankets, extra winter clothing, food, water, handheld snow shovel, salt, and an ice scraper are important things to stock up on as you winterize your car.  Making sure to have these items in your car before snow hits can help you better prepare for and even avoid any disasters that can come with driving in the winter.

Check Your Battery

Extreme temperature variations can affect your batteries.  So a great way to avoid any battery failure is by making sure your battery is clean and all the connections are secure and not corroded.  If you have an older battery, getting it tested and possibly even replacing it are some great precautions to take before the weather gets bad.

Change Your Oil

Older oil can get sluggish once the temperatures drop.  To avoid this problem, take your car in to have your oil changes.  Or, you can even change it yourself.  Whichever you choose to do, changing your oil is a great way to winterize your car to help ensure that it is functioning the way that it should.

Practice Your Winter Driving Skills

As  road conditions change, it’s important that your driving habits need to change with them.  Practicing how to go slow around corners, tapping your brakes, giving other cars lots of space, reviewing how to get out of a fishtail, and other skills like this are great things to practice before the roads get icy.

Treat Your Doors

When freezing temperatures hit, car doors can sometimes get stuck.   However, you can easily fix this problem by thoroughly cleaning your doors and applying a thin layer of oil or some other form of lubricant to the edge of your doors.

Replace Your Coolant

Antifreeze if super important during the winter months because it keeps your engine from freeze up.  Something none of us want happening to our cars.  So, as you begin to winterize your car, make sure to take your car in and have your coolant tested to see how dirty it is.  If it’s super dirty, your mechanic will let you know, and you should have it replaced.

Flush Your Heater

This phrase basically means that you need to clean out your heater core tubes so that your heater can use it’s own coolant supply to quickly heat the air that goes in to your car.  If these tubes are blocked in any way, then it will be harder for your car to keep you warm when you turn your heat on.  So, if you hate waiting forever for your car to heat up, you’ll want to take your car to your mechanic and have them flush your heater system.

Change Your Tires

If you live in an area with extreme winter conditions, you’ll want to make sure your tires are ready to handle the winter conditions you will be driving in by checking to make sure the treads on your tires aren’t worn down.  The easiest way to do this, is by taking a penny and placing it in the grooves of your tire with Lincoln’s head facing downward.  If you can see any part of Lincoln’s head above your grooves, your tires are balding and that means it’s time to replace them.

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