Stranded Driver Tips: What to do When Your Car Breaks Down

Labor Day weekend is here!  Are you guys doing anything fun for the holiday break?  Some of us here at Para will be hitting the open road for one last road trip to various places in our home state of Utah, which caused us to wonder how many of you would also be going on final road trip.  When it comes to road trips, have you ever wondered what you would do if/when your car breaks down?  Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think.  Especially when people are traveling.  Which is why we wanted to share a few safety guidelines with you today on what you should do when your car breaks down.

What to do When Your Car Breaks Down

Having a car break down is the absolute worst.  But these 7 tips are sure to get you and car back on the road in no time.

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1. Pull off the road

When your car breaks down, the last thing you want is to get hit by another car driving by.  So, at the first sign of trouble, pull over to the shoulder of the road so you are out of harms way.  Remember to signal as you move out of the way and do your best to place your car on level ground.

2. Take note of where you are

If your car breaks down, immediate take note of where you are.  Looking for major exit signs, landmarks, service stations, restaurants, shopping complexes and more will make it easier for someone to find you when you call for help.

3. Figure out your car’s problem

Once you have pulled off the road and called for help, its time for you to try and figure out what your car’s problem is.  Staying in your car is always the safest option.  However, if you have to get out of your car to examine what went wrong, make sure to exit your car from the side furthest away from oncoming traffic, be on the lookout for approaching cars, and never stand directly behind or in front of your car to avoid being hit by a driver who may not be able to see you.  After doing all of this, it’s time for you to back track and think of any problems that could have caused your car break down.  Do you remember hearing your car make any funny noises?  If so, do you remember what those noises sounded like?  Or, did you happen to notice any steam or smoke coming from the hood or your car or notice a tire go flat?  If there is anything you can remember, make a mental note of it; or write it down somewhere so that when you are finally able to get your car looked at you can give your mechanic as much information as possible to give them better guidance in how to fix your car.

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4. Alert other motorists

Should your car ever break down, it is extremely important to notify others. They will One great way to do this is by setting out the road flares from your PERSONAL CAR CARE KIT.  You can also raise your car’s hood or tie a bright bandana, scarf, or jacket, to your car antenna or door handle.

5. Call 9-1-1

After you’ve gotten your car in a safe location and notified other motorists of your car break down, you will want to call 9-1-1.  They will tell you what to do until help arrives. Next, you will want to call a family member or friend to let them know what happened and where you are in case you need to be picked up.

6. Contact roadside assistance

If you have roadside assistance with your car insurance, you will need to contact them.  Depending on what your coverage is, they will send you the exact help you need to take care of your car, get it to a place where it can be fixed, and take you wherever you need to go until your car is repaired.

7. Stay calm

When your car breaks down, it is super easy to panic and let your mind jump to the worst case scenario possible.  However, that would be the worst thing you could do.  When your car breaks down you want to do your best to stay calm.  Keeping a level head on your shoulders will help keep your situation from becoming far worse than it already is.

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Car break downs are part of life, but remembering to stay on top preventative maintenance for your car can help you better avoid a car break down.  However, if your car should break down, simply follow the steps we’ve just shared and you’ll be able to face this vehicle disaster with ease.

Happy traveling!