7 Car Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women spend a lot of time in their cars.  Whether it’s going to work, running errands, or taking kids to school and extracurriculars if you’re a mom there are a ton of hours being spent on the open road.  However, with that being said, there are a lot of women who don’t know what to do if their car should get a flat tire, have a mechanical error, or be running low on fluids like coolant and oil.  Since we here at Para believe women should feel confident and prepared in all that they do, we decided today to share some car car tips every woman should know.

Let’s do this!

7 Car Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

There are lots os things a woman can to to maintain her car.  But this first one is probably the most important!

Sharing car care tips every woman should know before she hits the open road from para.today!

1) Create a maintenance checklist

You could do this on your phone or even print something off  But it is super important to have a maintenance checklist on hand to help you remember to stay on top of services like topping off fluids, inspecting belts and hoses, checking tire pressure, and making sure all your lights work.

2) Check your engine air filter

You engine air filter is like your car’s lungs.  So if you want good, filtered air coming in to your car, make sure to refer to your car owner’s manual to see when yours needs to be changed out.

3) Check your engine oil and filters

Cars need oil to run.  If your car runs low or even completely out of oil, your engine will literally die, and you will have to get a new one.  Which, is suuuuuuper expensive!  So, to avoid having to pay a mini fortune, make sure to check your oil engine regularly.  And make sure to refer to your owner’s manual on when your oil should be changed, as well as what grade of oil to use.

Sharing car care tips every woman should know before she hits the open road from para.today!

4) Know how to check your tire air pressure AND how to change a tire

Having a flat tire is the worst!  Especially if you are by yourself, in the middle of no where, or both!  Which is why it’s super important for you to get in the habit of regularly checking the air pressure on your tires.  But, if you should still happen to get a flat tire, the next important thing for you to know is how to actually change out your flat tire.  Youtube has a lot of great ‘How-To’ videos on this.  So schedule out some time to watch one and then practice changing your own tire.  Also, make sure that your car has a spare tire.  The last thing you need when you get a flat tire is to realize you don’t have a spare tire to replace it with.  That is seriously the worst!

5) Control how much gas you use

To help with your gas mileage, it’s good to remember to follow the speed limit and make sure your tires are fully inflated.  Speeding or driving with tires that aren’t all the way full of air can cause your car to use up more gas than normal.  So, if you’d like to spend a little money when it come filling up your car, make sure to follow these two rules of thumb.

6) Clean and replace worn wiper blades

Isn’t it the worst when you’re driving in a rainstorm and you realize that your wiper blades don’t work?  To avoid this from happening again, make sure to swipe out your wiper blades every six months.  And in between that time frame, don’t forget to continuously look for cracks in your wiper blades and clean any dirty ones with a wet paper towel.  Something you could easily do every time you fill up for gas.

7) Stay calm

Sooner or later, we will all face an emergency situation with our cars.  And when that time happens, it’s important to remember to stay calm.  Panicking will get you nowhere.  Trust us.  So, if you want to confidently tackle any car emergency you could potentially face, make sure that your car has a fully stocked vehicle emergency kit.  Don’t have one?  Then we got your back!  Simply go in to your Para app to download our Complete Basic Vehicle Kit by going to the ‘Community‘ section from the app menu and then accessing this list through in the ‘Featured’ section. Once you’ve done that, you can start acquiring the items you want/need and hit the open road with confidence and ease.

There you go!  Here’s to all your girls out there taking the road like a true boss!