5 Easy Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

School is just around the corner and we still can’t wrap our heads around it!  Anyone remember the good ol’ days of when school didn’t start for me until after Labor Day?  Yeah, whatever happened to that?!  Anyways…having to send our kids back during the middle of August has been quite the adjustment.  But we want to do all we can to prepare our kids as best as possible for the new school year and help them be successful at all they do.

Like us, you too probably want the same for your kids.  So whether you kids are already in school (we are so sorry!), go back to school this month or don’t go back till after Labor Day (seriously, you’re so lucky!) we thought today would be a good day to share how you can help your kids succeed this year in their classes by sharing some tips and tricks on how we can all help our kids succeed at school.

Let’s do this!

Sharing 5 easy ways parents can help their kids succeed throughout the entire school year and beyond from para.today!

5 Easy Ways to Help your Child Succeed in School

We love following all of these tips to help our kids succeed in school.  But this first one is our favorite!


1)  Get organized.

The inside of kids’ classroom desks can get so messy, causing them to loose track of their school supplies and even their school assignments.  So, to help your child keep their desk more organized, buy them a pencil box to store their school supplies in, and a folder to put all their papers in.  Then, when it comes to your child bringing home anything from school that you need to keep track of, simply purchase a file box that you can place all of those in and easily store away and then access when you need to reference anything.

2) Be prepared

Home work and school projects are huge part of a child’s education.  So to help them be more successful at finishing these things.  Make sure you are prepared to give them any supplies they may need to do their very best work.  Some supplies that I always make sure to keep on hand at my house are glue sticks, kids’ scissors, markers, crayons, ruler, pencils, and a pencil sharpener.

3) Communicate

You’ll never really know how well your child is doing in school unless you talk to their teacher.  So make it a point to follow up with your child’s teacher to see how they are doing in school.  And if their are any issues or concerns that get brought up, work the teacher on coming up with a game plan that will help your child succeed.  Remember…your child’s teacher wants them to succeed too.  So when the two of you work together, you will always find success in helping your child succeed in succeed in school.

4) Make homework and hard work a habit

Any type of work, especially homework, sucks.  And since your kiddo is going to be doing homework for at 12 years of their life, I think it’s super important to teach kids the benefits and importance of doing homework, at an early age.  And a great way to that is through a goal chart.  BELOW is a link to printable version of the one I use with Isaac.  So feel free to print that baby off and then create a system with your child where they will get a sticker to place on the chart every time they do/finish their homework without whining, throwing tantrums, doing sloppy work, etc.  Then, when they get so many stickers in row they can choose some sort of school related prize (i.e. something they can use for when they do homework at home or even use at school.  Some of my favorite prizes are play dough, healthy snacks, pencil eraser tops, and pencils with fun designs).  And of course, when they get to a point that they are responsible about getting their homework done on their own and doing their best work on it, you can wean off of the incentive chart.

Print Homework Chart HERE.

5) Don’t forget to praise

When someone tells us we did a good job on something, it sticks and makes us want to continue doing our best.  Kids are the same way.  So don’t forget to always praise your kids when it comes to the good things they are doing at school and with their homework.

Here’s to a successful school year for all our kids!