7 Pro Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping with kids can be quite the interesting and stressful experience for parents.  But, when done right, camping with kids can be super fun!  So leave the smart devices behind, head out in to nature, and follow these tried and true camping tips to create an experience your kids will never forget!

7 Tips for Camping with Kids


1) Plan ahead

Campgrounds, especially ones in national parks, fill up quickly.  So if you have a specific campground in mind that you want to stay at, reserving your spot 6-9 months before your trip is a good rule of thumb to follow.

2) Don’t overpack

Having more than you need when you go camping can cause it own problems.  So to avoid problems like not having a enough room in your car to fit your overpacked bags or not being able to find one of the many toys your kids brought with them, keep it simple and leave the “just-in-case” items at home.

3) Pack for all kinds of weather

Yes, you definitely don’t want to overpack, but you do want to make sure you bring enough clothing to help you adjust to any weather changes you may experience.  So as you are packing, make sure each family member has an extra layer like a long sleeve shirt or fleece jacket they can layer when needed.

4) Stick to your daily routine

Kids thrive off of consistency.  So, to keep things as calm and normal as possible try to adhere to the same bedtime routine that you do at home so your kids can get a full night sleep and wake up ready for new day.

5) Leave the devices at home

Don’t forget that you are taking your kids camping to get away from it all.  So make sure to leave your smart devices at home and instead spend your time with your kids exploring the outdoor environment that surrounds you.

6) Make a checklist

Preparing for a camping trip with kids can be quite chaotic; and because of that, it can be really easy to forget to pack something that you need.  To avoid that, take some time to make a checklist of everything you’ll need when you go camping.

7) Do a test run

A great way to avoid as many potential problems as possible on your upcoming camping trip, is by conducting a test run.  Before spending a few nights in the great outdoors with your kids, conduct a mock camping trip in  your backyard by setting up your tent and having your family sleep in it for the night.  Doing this can give you a good amount of insight on what to expect on your real camping trip, as well as what problems to avoid or be prepared for.