Top 10 Non-Perishable Food Storage Items

When it comes to food storage, non-perishable items are great to stock up on.  Mostly because they have a long shelf life and require little maintenance.  Which is essential for emergency preparedness.  Here at Para, we think it’s really important to include a variety of non-perishable food items in your food storage.  So, we went through our own food storage supplies and came up with a list of non-perishable items we think every food storage across America should have.   We know, that may seem a little bit dramatic.  But we don’t mess around when it comes to helping you guys make sure your families are taken care of in times of emergency.

Top 10 Non-Perishable Food Storage Items


1) Canned Goods

You can get any thing from meat to vegetables in cans.  And though they may not taste the best, these items have a long shelf life and aren’t so bad when you mix them with other things.  For health reasons, just make sure to choose canned goods that are low-sodium or no-salt-added varieties so you can minimize the need for wanting to drink water; which will mostly be scarce in an emergency situation.

2) Dry Goods

Dry goods can last a long time on the shelf.  The best kinds to buy are pasta, oatmeal, and rice because they are filling once they’re prepared.  Boxed mixes, dry soup mixes, and dry cereals are good too.

3) Dehydrated Foods

Also called MREs dehydrated foods were originally designed for people in the military so they could eat them as-is or rehydrated with water wherever they were.  These also work great in 72 hour kits because they can last for years.

4) Nuts and Trail Mixes

These are a great source of high-energy foods that are healthy and make super convenient snacks.  Make sure to look for nuts and trail mixes that are vacuum packed so you can ensure that they wont oxidize and lose their freshness.

5) Granola Bars and Protein Bars

Filling and easily portable, these are great products to always keep on hand.

6) Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great source of energy, healthy fats, and protein.  Which makes this a great non-perishable product to always have on hand.

7) Multivitamins

Vitamins will replace any nutrients you are lacking or deprived of.  So it’s important to make sure these are always included in your food storage.

8) Spices

Even in times of trouble, it’s comforting to eat something that tastes good.  Which is why things like sugar, salt, and pepper are always good to have on hand so you can flavor any of your food storage food as needed.

9) Dried Fruit

During the absence of fresh fruit, dried fruit is a great alternative.

10) Bottled Water

You can never have enough water on hand.  So make sure to stock up on as much of this as possible.

Do you already have a personal food storage that you are working on in your own home?  If so, what are some non-perishable food storage items you love to stock up on?