The Ultimate Family Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Summer is all about road trips for us here at Para.  There’s nothing we love more than hitting the open road with our families.  And, to ensure that they stay safe and everyone has a good time, we always make sure to bring all the road trip essentials.  So if you too like to go on road trips, here’s a checklist of all the road trip essentials you should have on hand to help you be prepared for anything.

The Ultimate Family Road Trip Essentials Checklist

First aid kit


Roadside emergency kit

Reusable water bottles


Car fluids

Gas can


Tire changing tools

Travel games

Atlas and/or map

Smart device chargers

Travel pillow

Travel blanket

UV window shade

Spare tire

Car manual

Copy of your car insurance policy

Toilet paper

Wet wipes

Hand sanitizer

Bug spray


Umbrella or poncho


Personal medications



Ear plugs

Coloring Book and crayons

Plastic/Garbage bags

Pocket knife

Pepper spray/safety whistle/gun