Essential Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines

With July finally here, we are sure tons of you have already spent your first month of summer swimming in a pool.  Or will definitely be spending some time in swimming pool during the Fourth of July.  But, as fun as swimming pools can be, they can also be extremely dangerous.  So to make sure you and your children stay safe while at the pool, here are the essential swimming pool safety guidelines you should be following.

Essential Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines


1) Always make sure an adult is nearby.

Even your kids are good swimmers, you never know when they may need help.

2) Check the water depth.

Sometimes it can be really hard to tell how deep the water is.  So before your kids go diving head first in to a pool, make sure you teach them the importance of checking the water depth first by checking water depth listed on the side of pool, or by slowly getting in feet first.

3) No running!

When wet, cement can become extremely slippery.  So always make sure to walk whenever you are by a pool.

4) Completely barricade the pool.

Experts recommend that a fence at least four feet tall and without any gaps that kids can squeeze through should go completely enclose your pool if you have one at home.  Doing this will help further ensure your children’s safety and help you better avoid and potentially tragic accidents.

5) Secure your gate with a lock.

Along with setting up a barricade around your fence, the gate to your fence should also have a lock on it that kids can’t reach.  As well as an audible alarm that will notify you in your house, when your pool gate is open.

NOTE: You should also get an in-the-water pool alarm as a back up in case anything should go wrong with your gate alarm and someone ends up in your pool.

6) Secure your home.

Put one more barricade between your kids and your pool by making sure all windows and outside doors are securely shut at all times so that kids don’t have access to your pool form inside your house.