5 Emergency Cooking Ideas

5 Emergency Cooking Ideas

Cooking without power can be quite the challenge.  But, there are emergency cooking steps you can follow to help you better prepare for the time when you are without power.  Making any emergency cooking situation way less stressful than it could be.

5 Emergency Cooking Ideas

1) Tin Can Stove

This type of emergency cooking source has been around since the Great Depression.  So you know it’s a reliable one.  To make a tin can stove, all you need is a small tin can (think tuna can), a standard size tin can, cardboard, and wax candles.

See how to make tin can stove HERE

2) Dutch Oven Cooking

At some point or another, you have probably heard of dutch oven cooking.  This emergency cooking source can cook practically anything that can be cooked in a conventional oven and all you need is a fire for it to work.  Below is one of our favorite dutch oven brands.

3) Cardboard Box Oven

This is another great alternative emergency cooking method.  All you need is a cardboard box, like an apple box, tin foil, high heat foil tape, spray adhesive, oven bag, cardboard cutter, and a candy thermometer.  And before you know it, you have an emergency cooking source that can cook just about anything.

See how to make a cardboard box oven HERE.

4) Folding Camp Stove with Canned Fuel

These compact foldable stoves are great to have on hand.  With ventilation you can use this stove both inside and out.  Making it easy for you to cook where you may be.

Check out our favorite camp stove below.

5) Solar Cooker

Did you know that with some cardboard, aluminum foil and the sun, you have a way to cook your food?  We think this emergency cooking method is pretty cool and love THIS tutorial on how to make your own solar cooker.