5 Disaster Preparedness Tips for your Pets

If tomorrow, you happened to find yourself in an emergency situation…what would happen to you pet?  Leaving your pet out of an evacuation plan or with out necessary supplies don’t only put the pet in danger, but also yourself and potentially any emergency responders as well.  So, to make sure your pet is well taken care of in an emergency situation, here are five simple disaster preparedness steps to follow.

5 Disaster Preparedness Tips for your Pets

1) Make a Plan

When creating an emergency plan for yourself or your family, make sure your pet is included in it.  Thinking of who will be in charge of getting your pet, keeping a leash or pet carrier by your designated exit(s), and deciding where your pet is going to stay once you exit your home will help you be better care for your pet in a disaster preparedness situation.

2) Identification is Crucial

Pets can become very frightened when a disaster or emergency situation happens.  And because of that, they will most likely hide or flee.  So, to better assist you in finding your pet, if that should happen, make sure your pet is wearing a collar with up-t0-date information tags.  Another thing to consider is having a microchip placed in your pet, because it’s the best way to make sure you and your pet are reunited if you should become separated.

3) Be Aware of Pet Friendly Shelters

If a certain disaster or emergency situation forces you out of your home, you are going to need a place to stay.  Unfortunately, not all shelters allow you to bring your pets in with you.  So, take some time to familiarize your self with all the shelters in your area that allow pets.  Or, find a friend and/or family member who wouldn’t mind housing you and your pet.

4) Practice Makes Perfect

One thing you can do to better help your pet know what to expect with disaster preparedness, is to continually practice your emergency exit plan with them.  By doing this, your pet will better know what to expect if a certain disaster should happen and be more confident in what to expect and do.

5) Stock up on Supplies

Just like us, our pets have things they are going to need in times of emergency.  So, as you are gathering disaster preparedness supplies for yourself, make sure you are stocking up on everything your pet will need to.  And in case you are wondering what your pet would even need in an emergency situation, make sure to stop by the blog tomorrow because we will be sharing that list then!

Cheers to doing all that you can to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets!