Random Acts of Kindness to do as a Family

April is National Volunteer month.  Did you know that?  Here at PREPIFY, we had no clue.  But now that we know, we are all about doing random acts of kindness for other this month; and every other month for that matter too!  So, if you feel the same way we do, and are looking for some fun ways to do random acts of kindness on your own, or with your family here are some fun and super easy ideas we came up with!

Random Acts of Kindness to do as a Family

1) Drop off a plate of cookies at your local fire department.

2) Leave a Ziploc bag with a travel size pack of diaper wipes and a few diapers at a public diaper changing station.

3) Visit an elderly person in your neighborhood or a local elderly center on a regular basis.

4) The next time you go out to eat pay the bill for the person (or people) sitting next to you.  Or if you are at a drive-thru, pay for the car behind you.

5) Do a clothing/toy/book drive for your local women’s shelter.

6) Make handmade cards for friends and family and send them in the mail.

7) Weed a neighbor’s garden.

8) Leave sticky notes with kind messages on a public bathroom mirror or bathroom stall.

9) Put dollar bills with notes attached in the dollar aisle at Target any other store of your choosing.

10) Make homeless care packages and hand them out to homeless people in your area.

11) Donate to a local food pantry.

12) Volunteer to serve food at a local homeless shelter.

13) Host a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate proceeds to a local charity.

14) On garbage day, pull all your neighbor’s garbages back to their houses.

15) Pick up litter.

Honestly, our list could keep going and going!  So whether you choose random act of kindness from our list, or come  up with your own, find a way for you and your family to get out and serve this month.