Prepping Your Garden for Spring

It’s official.  Spring is finally here!  Which means it’s time to start prepping your garden for Spring planting!  If you don’t have a garden yet, now is as good a time as ever to get started with these simple steps that we have to make preparing your garden a walk in the park.

Prepping Your Garden for Spring

1. Examine your gardening tools.

Before doing any work on your garden, take count of and examine all of your gardening tools.  Doing this, will prevent you having to stop half way through one of your projects to run to the store and replace something you need.  Plus, having gardening tools that are in top condition will also make caring for your garden much easier.

2. Clean up your garden beds.

Remove leaves and other debris from your designated garden space.  Cut back any old or dead growth from pre-existing plants and work in a 5 cm layer of fertilizer and/or compost into your soil.

3. Begin planting early spring vegetables.

These consist of broccoli, cabbage, radishes, kale, turnips, potatoes, and onions.

4. Protect seedlings from hard frosts.

Whether we like it or not, there is still a risk of frost in the early spring.  So if you live in an area that is prone to getting springtime frost, make sure to stock up on portable garden cloche (this is sort of like a mini greenhouse that you can place over your plants) or cold frame that you can use to protect your seedlings when the frost settles in.

5. Prune your fruit trees.

Make sure to do this before buds begin to form on the branches, so you can a better resulting crop.

6. Apply oil to your trees.

If you have apple or pear trees, you will want to apply a horticultural oil as soon as the buds begin to swell to prevent leaf blistering mites from damaging your crop.  For any other fruit trees you may have, make sure to apply a dormant horticultural oil to prevent any possible pest infestations.

7. Get the family involved.

If you have kids, they are never to young to begin working in an appreciating your garden.  So as you begin to prepare your garden this spring, make sure to assign each child a special responsibility that they can be in charge of.  Not only will this teach them the skill they need for any future gardens they may create.  But it also is great way for them to bond with you, get outside more, and appreciate the wonders of mother nature.

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