5 Spring Safety Tips for your Home


Did you know that that first day of Spring is March 20th?  Though that seems like it’s still forever away, Spring will be here before you know it.  And as a new season approaches, it’s a great time to do some periodical check-ups to keep your house a happy, and safe home.  


5 Spring Safety Tips for your Home


  1. Check the first extinguisher.

A fire extinguisher may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  But it’s a crucial thing to have in your home, and should be checked often.  Making sure that it’s full, not expired, and in an easily accessible place. Remember to keep one in your kitchen and garage; and anywhere else you think it would be important to have.


  1. Check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

Just like it’s important to check your fire extinguishers it is just as important, maybe even more important, to check the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide detectors and test if they work.  It’s also important to remember that instead of checking your fire and carbon monoxide detectors seasonally, you should be checking them once a month and should also make sure that you have both on each floor of your house and in each bedroom.


  1. Install motion sensitive lights.

If you haven’t already, installing motion sensitive lights is a great thing to do this time of year.  Not only to the make it easier to see when you step out at night, but it also keeps intruders from breaking in.


  1. Check your doors.

Another great way to keep unwanted people from entering your home, is to check your doors. So make sure every locking door in your house actually locks, and also install deadbolts on all doors with outside access.


  1. Organize your medicine cabinet.

Take some time to go through your medicine cabinet and discard any expired medications and prescriptions; making sure to ask your pharmacist the best way to dispose of these in case you don’t already know.  By doing this, you will avoid any medication errors and also clear up some extra space.


Are you ready for Spring?  If not, we hope these 5 spring safety tips for your home help!