Local Startup Prepify, LLC Releases Mobile App “Prepify” to Revolutionize the Way People, Families and Communities Prepare

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — Prepify, LLC has just released their new preparedness app called “Prepify”. The app, available free for Android and iOS devices including tablets, is designed to simplify the work around getting prepared. Users of the app, from house-moms to experienced survivalists, can access expert material, information, and product recommendations at the tip of their fingers. Prepify, LLC is seeking early adoption users and feedback in an effort to enhance user experience and add features.

“The preparedness market has been missing something like this,” says Britton Beckham, co-founder of Prepify, LLC. “Preparing hasn’t been an easy task, and involves a lot of research, time, and trial and error. Prepify eliminates all of that and simplifies preparedness into a convenient app you can use on your phone.” Beckham also points out that the mentality of being prepared is undergoing change, noting that “While getting prepared perhaps once brought the mental image of ‘dooms-day preppers’ to mind, that notion is really gone now. Getting prepared for emergencies—protecting your family and loved ones—no longer has that negative stigma, and every-day people are trying to get themselves and their families ready.”

Clint Laub, the other co-founder of Prepify, LLC explains the idea the two had from the onset of development with the app: “Our goal from the beginning was to take all the complications of getting an individual or family ready for any given situation and give them all the information, products and education they would need, and package it into a single list – or ‘Prep List’ as we call them. These lists are created and vetted by experts and packaged up nicely for anyone to use. It’s just all about simplification with us.”

The duo said that the idea for this app started with a casual conversation between the two at the office a little over two years ago, and has grown from there. “We have some amazing things planned for this app, it’s going to revolutionize the way people, families and even communities prepare,” says Beckham, “and we’re excited to bring these features to the community.”

Features available on the app include:
• Inventory tracking (organize and track your items and gear by location and container)
• Built-in notification of perishable goods that are/will be expiring
• Free preparedness lists packaged with items, recommended products, activities and information
• Cloud-based secure storage so you can access your data from any device
• Barcode and QR-code scanning for quick access to adding items or accessing lists

For more information about Prepify or if you’d like to contact the co-founders directly, please email info@prepify.net, or visit http://prepify.net. Prepify is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at @PrepifyApp.