The Standard for Personal and Family Preparedness

Para, Latin for "prepare," is a unique app that brings the knowledge of experts and professionals together and combines it with features using modern technology to simplify preparedness to your fingertips.


Expert Lists





Community-Driven App

Para collects and delivers the vast amounts of experience and knowledge spread throughout the preparedness community.

Expert Preparedness Lists

Access over a hundred expert-curated lists for a myriad of situations... and we're constantly adding more all the time.

Lists + Supplemental Activities

Preparedness lists come packaged with useful activities to offer a holistic approach to your readiness.

Built-In Inventory Management

Easily track and manage all your preparedness items by location and container. Organization becomes simple with Para.

Purchase with Confidence

With Para, purchasing the recommended items is safe and secure, and easily integrates with Amazon.

Get Regular Notifications

We help you all along the way by notifying you of expiring items, overdue activities and many other things.

Our Mission

"Prepare Today Thrive Tomorrow" This is our mantra! From concept to implementation, we want to change the way people think, plan, and do preparedness.

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